All I wanna do is seal off my memories. But why do I feel like a criminal destroying evidence? Am I still the same? Am I just making another one of my mistakes?

Hey Nana,
The mistakes I’ve made…. the scars I have… they won’t simply disappear even if I cover them up. So I’m still calling your name. No matter how much it hurts. Until you answer me.


NANA Viz English dub, Ep.29

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They say that the more you fight, the closer you are.
But fighting is nothing but a clash of egos.
Revealing your true feelings doesn’t necessarily make people understand each other better.
I think it’s probably impossible to live your life without getting hurt, but I also think an effort should be made not to hurt others.
I just felt so strongly about that.

Nana Osaki - NANA anime (via euminhae)